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Mount Etna Tours with Kids

Mt. Etna is an active and constantly changing volcano, a mystery of nature that fascinates everyone and makes us a little afraid too, with its explosions, the high lava fountains, earthquakes! But in reality – if it is treated with the due respect – this special mountain is a very interesting tourist destination and in […]

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Etna: fire show at the end of summer

Etna had got us well used to this, recently! Between 2014 and 2016, fast eruptions followed one another every three months or so, with spectacular fountains of fire that attracted crowds of tourists from all over Europe. All this ended suddenly in April 2017 when the last eruption was no longer followed by other events […]

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Mt. Etna, autumn delights: a journey into taste

Our volcano Mt. Etna, in autumn, is coloured with magic. And not only because its woods are filled with yellow, red, orange leaves, but because the land offers its most precious gifts and the inhabitants of the mountain are ready to catch them in time. If you are on Etna between October and December do […]

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The tradition of the “Dead Souls”: witches and ghosts of Mt Etna

In Sicily we do not celebrate Halloween, or rather we celebrate it now but without much conviction. This brand new Anglo-Saxon tradition, in fact, could not replace yet our age-old “Dead Souls’ Night”, linked to myths and legends and … yes, even to witches and typically local ghosts. […]

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