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Discovering the Nocellara olive oil of Mount Etna

In order to discover the Nocellara oil, we must enter the wonderful unique microcosm that is Mount Etna. Here we find different climates and different expressions of the vegetation that adapts to these climates. We find the vines, which give some of the best wines of Sicily, the oaks and birches, the beautiful chestnut and […]

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What to do in Sicily

Welcome to Sicily! Not just another island, but a planet on its own. A wide and various territory including mountains, plains, sea, different kinds of weather, different populations and dialects, it takes a whole life to really know it in detail! It is impossible to write down a list without forgetting something special or interesting. […]

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The magic of skiing on an active volcano: Mt Etna’s resorts

Have you ever skied while looking at the sea sparkling on the horizon? Have you ever tried to go snowboarding on ancient lava rivers, with the sharp points of the black rock emerging from the snow? Have you ever taken the chairlift while, above you, columns of ash rise between disturbing roars? Skiing on a […]

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