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I have cancelled the booking timely, how do I receive the refund?

You can easily cancel a reservation by contacting us promptly by e-mail ([email protected])

If the cancellation was made within the deadline without penalty we will refund the full amount on your credit card or refund by bank transfer.

In the case of payment by credit card:
You do not need to do anything, you will find the full amount directly on your statement within a few days

In the case of payment by bank transfer:
Send us your bank account details via email, IBAN and BICSWIFT

N.B .: Cancellations by phone or via SMS / Whatsapp will not be accepted

Contact us immediately by e-mail ([email protected]) or send a cancellation request using our APP for iPhone or Android

Costs: If the cancellation occurs within the terms indicated in the confirmation email or on our website it will not be necessary to pay anything and for pre-paid reservations a full refund will be made. In case of late cancellation there will be no refund.

In this case, we will contact you no later than the morning of the excursion day by SMS or telephone to arrange whether the tour should be postponed or cancelled. In case of cancellation there won’t be any costs for you. If you have paid in advance, we will refund the full amount.

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