Our promise 2026: We make your tour experience 100% sustainable.

It is one of our greatest ambitions that Go-Etna is pushing ahead with the transformation to CO2-neutrality until 2026. We have developed a package of measures for the entire company. We want to be a role model in the tourism industry to consider climate neutrality as a priority.


CO2-neutralWith Promise 2026 Go-Etna wants to use a CO2 neutral vehicle fleet within the next 5 years. Salvatore Testa, General Manager of Sicily Action srl: “We want to offer our guests an environmentally friendly experience with our tours without leaving a CO2 footprint.” With an electric fleet of vehicles, we will reduce our CO2 emissions to zero. Our location in Sicily offers us all the natural resources for our project. With our own panels we will use the solar power, to generate the energy for the tour-vehicles directly, so we are no longer dependent on electricity and petrol anymore. Sustainability extends as a guiding principle across all our company fields.


In order, to protect our beautiful island and our earth we are taking these new measures. Four regional parks and several nature reserves: the immense natural heritage of Sicily has to be protected. We want to have the possibility to show, also the next generation the beautiful Flora and Fauna in its original beauty. It is important to us to preserve our homeland with all its nature reserves, such as the Mount Etna National Park. Sicily with its versatile influences has an amazing and fascination history which deserves a sustainable handling.


Sicily OrangesTourism will never be completely sustainable as every industry has impacts, but we can help on working towards becoming more sustainable. “Sustainable Tourism” means traveling responsibly. With all the globalization around us, the world is not such a lonely planet anymore. We have the responsibility as a tour operator to make sustainable tourism happen and work. Since the UNITED NATIONS WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION (UNWTO) declared 2017 as the year of sustainable tourism, the public awareness of this concept has been increasing. Sustainable tourism on Sicily considers not only the current impact on the environment but also the future whilst meeting the needs of the customer.


Together with our guests we love to explore our island with a lot of fun, expertise and outstanding activities without destroying the unique environment around us. Cultural enrichment and relaxation go hand in hand.


Let’s start the way together into our new CO2-neutral future.