Incentive & Team Building in Sicily

Motivation, confidence and social cohesion are important for your team, but also for the collaboration between you and your clients and business partners. For incentive trips as well as for team buildings the quality of the experience is crucial. Go-Etna is specialized in both segments. A challenging and exciting activity for your team or a relaxed day for your clients in Sicily – with our professional partners all around Sicily, we are able to offer you an all-in package.

Team Building Sicily

Team Building Sicily
Team Building Sicily
Do you prefer adventure & action or something more cultural & relaxed? We offer something extraordinary for everyone’s taste and desire. Sicily is a great environment for team building activities. In this unique and beautiful landscape, you will have several choices for a memorable team event.
The business world moves fast and sometimes all of your employees are working on their own, to solve the problems. During the activity all members have to work together. They will build a strong connection and improve their communication and problem-solving skills as a team.
Give your team the chance to escape from the busy daily life, to learn and to have fun together.

Incentive Sicily

You would like to organize an unforgettable experience for your clients or employees? You need an unusual activity like a Quad-Tour on an active volcano or a sailing trip along the beautiful coasts? Then, Sicily is the perfect choice for you.
Depending on the objective and style, incentive events have the power to establish and strengthen customer relationships or to reward your employees for the good work and to provide an incentive for their future projects.

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We organise tailored incentives on the largest island in the Mediterranean, just let us know your personal tour requirements.

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Mount Etna 4×4

Etna ExcursionA jeep tour to Mount Etna allows the most complete experience of this active volcano and its wonders. With our 4×4 off-road vehicles we can reach less explored areas of Etna, discovering ancient craters, lava tunnels and trails in the heart of the forest of the Volcanic Park. We visit the most beautiful and tranquil areas of the volcano, such as the “Valle del Bove” (giant caldera on the east flank of Etna) site of the recent volcanic eruptions, the “belvedere” of Mount Fontana, the beautiful gorges of Alcantara river and many more places.


Treasure HuntOrienteering is an enjoyable experience that encourages all participants to build strong relationships and determination. The team has to discover the landmarks with instruments like compass and maps to find the right trail. The success regarding the orienteering of the team depends on each individual and their ability of teamwork. This activity is designed for groups who want to do an active team building activity.
(Duration: min. 2h)

Mount Etna Orienteering

Etna Summit Crater TrekkingThe Orienteering on Mount Etna is a unique experience for your team. In this lunar landscape you need a good team spirit to keep your orientation and to find the right way. A compass and a map will help your group during the challenge. This kind of activity in this landscape will build a strong connection between the team members. (Duration: min. 2h)

Food Tours & Challenge

OrienteeringThe colourful and loud markets in Sicily will impress your whole team. The smell and the different tastes from the local Mediterranean products will be a special experience for all of you. You will see the fresh fish from the daily catch and you will have big choice between all these delicious Sicilian sweets. During the food tour, your group will also take part in a challenge. (Duration approx. 4h / lunch included / morning tour)

Food & Wine Tour Taormina

Mount Etna Winery TourExplore the typical Sicilian food, with its specialities like the pistachios, the local fish and the fresh vegetables and fruits. You will enjoy the smell of all these local products in the amazing scenery of the beautiful city Taormina. During your walk through the small street you will feel the special atmosphere of this Sicilian jewel. During your wine tasting you will enjoy some of the best wines of Sicily. (Duration approx. 3h / morning or afternoon)

Cooking Challenge With Surprise (With Dinner Crime)

Your group is looking for a challenge and the perfect mix of culinary delight and action?
The cooking challenge will involve all your team members. With a lot of fun, during the cooking challenge, they will also learn something about the specialities of the Sicilian kitchen. At the end of the cooking challenge a dinner crime will surprise your group.

Blind Tasting (Wine & Cheese) Challenge

Etna Wine TastingDiscover the taste of Sicilian products with a totally other kind of activity. During your blind tasting you will have the opportunity to taste and smell the special Mediterranean kitchen. You can concentrate completely on the different flavours, especially of the cheese and wine, which are one of the best in whole Italy. (Duration approx. 1h30 / morning / afternoon / evening)

Cooking Class (At Home) “a Casa Della Mamma”

Sicilian Cooking ClassesExperience a practical, entertaining and informative cooking class open to anyone with a wish to explore the great aroma and flavours of the Mediterranean kitchen together with a Sicilian family. We offer amusing and innovative Cooking Team Building Events which are interesting, motivating and most of all FUN! (Duration approx. 3h)

Treasure Hunt (City Center Or Countryside Location)

Imagine your team is competing in the streets of the city or wandering through the woods and along the craters of a volcano. Treasure hunt activities require serious mental skills and include a generous sprinkling of fun. During the search for the hidden treasure, you have to solve a number of clues and exercises which will improve your problem-solving skills. (Duration: approx. 2h)

Helicopter Tours

Etna Helicopter TourIf you think you have seen all of Mount Etna, you haven’t seen anything until you have discovered the view from the sky. After exploring the side slopes of Mount Etna, you will see the heart of the volcano – the smoky main crater on the top with the black and yellow landscape and the grey ash clouds. If you decide to take a longer flight you can also visit the beautiful city Taormina or the aeolian islands.

MTB Etna

MTB EtnaMTB Etna tour, a mountain bike journey to volcano Etna is not only sport, but also an adventure full of charm, culture and emotion given by the volcano through out its caves, centenarians craters, forests and lava deserts. The bike trip, the harmony of the places in close contact with the reality that is around us, gives the opportunity to fully appreciate every detail, nuance and characteristic of the area.

Quad Adventure

Etna Quad AdventureQuad Adventure Etna, a four wheels adventure, through Etna stunning scenery, lava trails, woods and speed, an emotion to try at least once. Its versatility, along with driving comfort, even with two people, make it a fun transport tool which allow you to move on any sort of terrain… mud, stones, water, the Quad does not ask for better! Moreover, special driving skills are not required, after the first few meters you will already be able to move with confidence and shortly, you will not want to get off the saddle!


Canyoning SicilyCanyoning as an adventure sport is originally from France and Spain. You will explore a canyon literally from the top to the bottom. The sport is characterized by abseiling, climbing, jumping, slipping, swimming/diving, with the right equipment of course and accompanied by professionals. The event takes place in the Alcantara gorges, secured with a rope it goes down waterfalls. Adventure is guaranteed, cohesion, trust and security have top priority. The focus is on the shared experience of nature.

River Trekking

River Trekking SicilyRiver trekking is the light version of Canyoning. Completely immersed in nature, you will enjoy facing the natural obstacles the river has to offer. As you descent into the river you will discover a natural environment which will make you feel connected with the environment. This experience will allow you the time to reflect, surrounded by sparkling waters and foaming rapids without the business of the modern world. This is truely an unforgettable emersive experience in nature!


Body Rafting SicilyBody-rafting or wild-water swimming is clearly an extreme sport and requires a good physical condition.
Well-equipment, you’ll swim in the “wild water trails” of the Alcantara gorge. Sometimes mindful and sent, then again dynamically and energetically follow the stream. Every moment demands a different ability. Despite the neoprene suit you should not be afraid of water. It will be wet in any case!

Games variety

games SicilyNaturally adapted for adults:
Darts – The well-known skill game requires the highest precision.
Archery – Who doesn’t like this game?
Stone sling – learning the application and art
Ask us for more information.


  • Horse Riding (short & long)
  • Laser Tag
  • Sicilian Recipes
  • Sailing challenge
  • Diving /Snorkelling
  • Fishing (1-day trip and/or fishing tours)
  • Wind Surf activity
  • Paddle activity
  • Pottery Sicilian Experience
  • Traditional Experience across Sicily (embroidery exp., saponification exp., oil exp., etc.)
  • Animated Visits (historical city center)
  • Mystery Dinner
  • Adventure park
  • Mini Olympics games (Adventure Park)
  • River Trekking
  • Canyoning
  • Paragliding
  • Skydiving
  • Sicily after II world war tours (e.g. Mt. Etna & Alcantara)

    Concerts, Gala Dinners (traditional & animated – middle age and baroque style -etc), Historical Parades, Rallies,


    Short and long stays, Tours and thematic tours. (min 2 days) incl. accommodation


    Catania Airport Transfer
    Catania Airport Transfer

    Go-Etna knows that travelling can be stressful and tiring. Our mission: to make sure that your journey to and from the airport will be comfortable and safe. Our transfer service from the airport Vincenzo Bellini – Fontanarossa (CTA) in Catania connects ports, railway stations, hotels and private residences in Sicily. For all kind of transfers, our professional chauffeur will pick you up at Catania (CTA) or Comiso Airport (CIY). With a permanent flight monitoring and our helpful chauffeur, you will enjoy an affordable and professional service




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