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Giants of Mt Etna, stories of big trees

There are giants, on Mt Etna. Big, large beings leaving you breathless for their beauty and elegance. Do not be scared … they are not aliens! They are plants. Trees, to be exact. The giants of Etna are wonderful age-old trees that, from their nest in the woods, have seen armies, kings, events pass by. […]

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Magazzeni, where the lava changed its course

At about 6 km off the small town of Sant’Alfio, in a place almost wild and unhabited, you will find a small church with the typical alpine architecture. The Magazzeni Church. The name is quite strange, it reminds of a noble family or of “magazzini” (warehouses) used to keep agricultural tools. But it refers to […]

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The magic of Lake Gurrida

Lake Gurrida is set on the western flank of Mount Etna, between the municipalities of Bronte and Randazzo. It appeared in 1536 after a side eruption of the volcano. The lava cut the bed of river Flascio and formed the small lake. During the following years, the river’s water found its way out through the […]

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