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Explaining Etna’s new eruption which has just ended

The last weird eruption of Mount Etna ended like that … suddenly, on June 12th. Exactly one month after its beginning, on 12th May. Then, the north flank of the South East Crater split in several places, letting out a long lava flow. “Weird” eruption not because it was unexpected or anomalous but because the […]

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Eruption update: Etna keeps on breaking on the east side

INGV ———- RELEASE OF VOLCANIC ACTIVITY of 7 June 2022 — ETNA The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Etneo Observatory, reports that new fractures have been observed at the base of the northern wall of the Valle del Bove, in the Serracozzo area. From the further downstream part of this fracture system, lava is […]

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