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Trekking or Hiking, where you can do them on Etna

Is Etna a good place for doing trekking? And what about hiking? But are they not the same thing? No, actually trekking and hiking are not the same sporting activity. Even if initially, mistakenly, you might believe that it was the same thing but indicated with different terms (English and American), today you know that […]

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Mount Etna’s animals 1: do not spoil the fox

The fox is “our” predator. The predator of Europe, because it is the one you can meet practically everywhere on the continent. A “nice” predator because unlike wolves and bears it never attacks humans, even if it causes considerable damage to farms. A predator that lives also on Mount Etna, where it reigns and dominates […]

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Mount Etna’s autumn place 1: Schiena dell’Asino

Schiena dell’Asino (Donkey’s Back) is one of the most recommended routes on Mount Etna. Because it has a medium-low difficulty and is suitable for all types of hikers. Furthermore, it allows you to admire spectacular panoramas with little effort, both towards the coast and towards the summit craters of Etna. We suggest it as the […]

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