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When the Great Volcano collapsed

Mount Etna is a young volcano, we could say “teenager”. Its life has been still short, according to the canons of volcanology. Yet despite its recent history it already has lived important events. Perhaps the most important of all was the collapsing of the Great Volcano which partially generated the current shape of Etna. That […]

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Mompileri, the shrine under the lava

When you come to visit Mt Etna, do follow the itinerary of the churches buried by the lava. They are fascinating, mysterious places, a little disturbing sometimes but and rich in history. Such as the Sanctuary of Mompileri. It is on the southern flank of Etna, in the territory of the town of Mascalucia. It […]

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Covid-free Sicily for your summer holidays

On June 8th, 2020, the district of Siracusa is  “covid-free” because there have not been new virus cases for 2 weeks. Also the district of Trapani, in western Sicily, was declared covid-free. Places like the small island of Pantelleria never had covid cases on their territory. And even where the virus hit hard, Sicily was […]

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