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Churches buried by lava: Nunziatella di Mascali

Try an interesting trip to Mt Etna’s territory by visiting the town of Mascali, on the east side of the volcano. To be exact, visit the Nunziata village, very close to the town’s centre. In 2012, here they found the very first example of early-christian church of the place. A rare and unique monument, especially […]

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Mt Etna and the excursions at Covid time

“Once the sporting activity is allowed, it can be carried out individually, thereby including all non-competitive activities, also those at sea. They must always guarantee interpersonal distancing, observance of precautionary hygiene measures and subsequent sanitization of the tools. To carry out these activities it is also allowed to move from one municipality to another. The […]

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Once upon a time, Val Calanna

To many over-50s Val Calanna is the name of their favourite camping place. This small valley that opened at the entrance of the larger valley Valle del Bove was a green group of woods. Every year, in the summer, it welcomed young explorers and campers. A loving memory that young people will never see again, […]

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