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Etna, Carnival masks and masks of lava

In February, the Etnean territory shines with lights and colours thanks to the Mardi Gras Carnivals. There are two important ones, here: Acireale and Misterbianco. They are different for the story and characteristics, but both celebrate the costumes and masks in a very artistic way. If you are in Catania’s area during the Carnival week, […]

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Mount Etna Eruption 2020: Etna, a weird eruption inside the Voragine

It has been going on for 5 months but only today it is  really showing itself. The eruption taking place inside the Central crater of Etna has something fascinating and anomalous. In fact, this  eruption started inside the hole called Voragine, by a small pit crater that – from September – has been emitting lava […]

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Discovering the western side of Mt Etna

Ask anyone who has already been on Mt Etna what was his/her favourite place. The answer will probably be: the Silvestri craters, the views from the Citelli Shelter, Piano Provenzana’s ski tracks. Very few will say they loved the western side of the volcano. The side of Bronte, Adrano, Maletto. No ski tracks, on this […]

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