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Etna, crater Voragine “sings” again!

World War 2 had just ended when the Voragine crater opened at the top of Mount Etna. It was October 1945 and, suddenly, a portion of the thousand-year-old Central Crater – already flanked by the North East Crater – collapsed, creating a hole (pit crater) which in turn began an intense eruptive activity. This new […]

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Five mistakes you should never make on Etna

If you are a well-informed and passionate tourists, you will now know everything about Mount Etna, the highest and most famous active volcano in Europe. This gigantic mountain, which dominates the eastern coast of Sicily, is a universe of natural and historical beauty that contains urbanized landscapes, centuries-old woods, examples of Mediterranean but also Nordic […]

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The Sound of Aurora on Mount Etna

In the second week of May, a spectacular natural event involved practically the entire world, with greater interest in the northern hemisphere – Europe and North America. It was a series of magnetic storms generated by the sun, which also manifested themselves through the alteration of the intensity of its rays, thus forming pink and […]

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