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Mt Etna’s new top record, the South East Crater

We had written about it last week, and South East Crater – SEC – is the protagonist once again. It has a new unique record, today: it is the highest top of Mt Etna. This happened at the beginning of August, in the middle of the warmest and most tiring Sicilian summer. Mount Etna produced […]

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South East Crater and how it changed in time

Our excursions “to the summit craters” of Etna for two years now have to deal with the angry reactions of the new landlord: the South East Crater, better known by the English acronym SEC. What was once a tiring but fascinating trip, always within safe limits, has now become a rare event. Because it is […]

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Discovering Riposto and “Mt Etna’s beaches”

For a long time the main tourist “gates” to Mount Etna were Catania – with its airport and station – and Taormina. The large tourist crowds settled in these two locations so to discover Etna by excursions. It has been twenty years, now, since also Riposto has joined them as a tourist gate to Etna, […]

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