Snow on Etna Volcano

5 Nov

Author: Etna Excursions
Posted on: 2015/11/05
Updated: 2017/03/15

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The first snow has fallen on Mount Etna. This year, earlier than usual, the summit shines in us bright white. This weekend winter has also started in Sicily. The volcano has its own special fascination now. Frozen water on a black background! And all of a sudden the “island where the lemons bloom” becomes a popular winter sports destination! From collecting chestnut and autumn markets with honey and liqueurs, it switched directly to a winter wonderland.


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Etna eruption: continuing activities - July 2014

25 Jul

Author: Etna Excursions
Posted on: 2015/11/05
Updated: 2017/03/15

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Continues the effusive activity of the two new twin cones.
Eruptive activity continues unabated on the top of Mount Etna, in the central-south of the volcano, where about 30 days ago have formed two small cones with effusive activity from lava, explosions, explosions and so very active. The two cones, being positioned at a distance of a few tens of meters apart, were called “Gemini”, and several weeks are closely monitored by local authorities.


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Airport transfer Comiso (CIY)

4 Dec

Author: Etna Excursions
Posted on: 2014/07/25
Updated: 2017/03/15

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Transfer CataniaOur transfer and taxi service to and from the Comiso Airport (CIY) of Comiso operates ports, railway stations, hotels and private residences in Sicily.

All drivers and vehicles are insured and fully licensed.
Reservation is free.
You only pay the agreed fixed price.


Your affordable all-inclusive rate confirmed before you book includes all taxes, tolls, fees and gratuities.


Take your time and relax.
Airport pickups include 60 minutes of free wait time.


Have peace of mind knowing that all our drivers are licensed, insured and regulated.


You can choose between Business or First Class

Benefits if you use our airport transfer service:

  • You don’t have to wait for a taxi, we are waiting for you
  • You will recognize our driver immediately, he will have a sign with your written name
  • Exclusive favourable fixed price. No unpleasant surprises for you.
  • Vehicle is exclusively for you. It won’t be shared with others.
  • Free child seats on request
  • You will reach your destination in the fastest and most pleasant way

Concerning prices for not listed destinations or groups of more than 8 or 16 people contact us by phone +39 346 3030429 or send us an  e-mail.

Etna Golf Resort – Il Picciolo Golf Club – Golf Resort Le Madonie – Golf Resort Verdura – Golf Resort Donnafugata

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Airport Transfer Palermo enquiry / booking

7 Nov

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Posted on: 2013/12/04
Updated: 2017/02/08

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Sightseeing and day-trips Sicily

9 May

Author: Etna Excursions
Posted on: 2013/11/07
Updated: 2017/02/06

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Sightseeing and day-trips Sicily

Day tour offers from Catania and Taormina

Our daily trips to the most popular destinations in Sicily offer you the possibility get to know the island’s wonders.
Contact us to book your favourite tours with us.

The Elefant Symbol of Catania


Visit the old town of Catania which was declared UNESCO world heritage site in 2002. Enjoy the visit of the historic centre with its baroque buildings, the cathedral, the black elephant (the town’s landmark) on Piazza Duomo, Via Etnea, the medieval castle “Castello Ursino” and many other spots of the town characterised by black lava stone. The vibrant city, that was founded by the Greeks in the 8th Century BC, offers many surprises for visitors.

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Excursion to Taormina


The picturesque and historically rich town of Taormina was founded by the Siculi around 1300 b.C. and later affected by the Romans and the Greeks. We will visit the ancient Roman-Greek amphitheatre, the cathedral, the small theatre Odeon, the ”Corvaia Palace” and take a walk in Corso Umberto. Finally the stunning view over the eastern Sicilian coast and the Mediterranean will take your breath away and you’ll fall in love with Sicily forever.

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Excursion to Syracuse, Noto

Excursion to Syracuse and Noto

Visit of Syracuse and the Archeological Park of Neapolis and its Greek Theater, the Roman Amphitheater and a rock caves known as the “Ear of Dionysius”. Next stop is the isle of Ortigia with its Cathedral erected on the ancient Greek temple of Athena, the “Fonte Aretusa”, a fresh water spring with a fountain and much more. Next stop is the baroque town Noto, UNESCO world heritage, where we will admire beautiful Palazzi like the Porta Reale, the cathedral and the church Saint Domenico.

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seliExcursion to Agrigento


In Agrigento and the surroundings you can visit some of the most important archaeological sites of Sicily. Approximately 2 km south from the old town lies the “valley of the temples” (VALLE DEI TEMPLI) famous for its well preserved temples, the temple of “Concordia”, Hera’s, Heracle’s and Dioscur’s temple. In the „Valle dei Templi“ you can also visit an archaeological museum. In 1997 Agrigento was declared World Heritage site by the UNESCO.

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Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina

During the tour to Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina you will visit an ancient well-preserved roman residence, built in 300 A.D. The “Villa Romana del Casale” that is decorated with unusual mosaics, e.g. the famous “Lady in bikini”. Caltagirone is the historic centre of the ceramic production in Sicily. Here you can enjoy a pleasant walk through the old alleys, admire and if you wish also buy the handmade ceramic artefacts, like hand-painted vases and plates.

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Palermo and Monreale

Our visit of Sicily’s capital starts at the Arabic-Norman cathedral (Maria Assunta Santissima) with its graves of Frederic the II and his mother Constance from Sicily. Also the church of Saint Joan dei lebbrosi and the Norman palace are part of the sightseeing tour. Last stop will be Monreale, approx. 7 km from Palermo, where we will visit an exceptionally impressive building, the cathedral of Monreale. In its interior you will find a immense surface decorated with stunning mosaics from the 12th century.

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The tour takes us to the salt deposits situated in a natural park that belongs to the WWF and to a museum of salt-production in Trapani and in Marsala. Here you will have the possibility to taste the world famous Marsala wine. Next stop the temple of Segesta, which is particularly interesting for archeology lovers. On the same site you will also visit the Greek theatre that dates back to 300 b.c. The last stop of our tour will be the medieval town Erice.

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Your personal tour proposals.

Please consider the programme referred to here just as a basis, feel free to send us your own proposals and wishes or call us.
The tour can be programmed according to your personal requests.
You will receive a complete programme of your planned tour that includes also concrete prices.

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