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Covid, experience Mt Etna in the “orange zone”

As soon as the “second wave” of Covid 19 pandemic hit Italy, the national Government has decided to divide the Country into zones. Every zone indicates a risk level and has some restrictions that shall rule the human movement on the territory. Red zones are in “semi lockdown”, with very few open places and stop […]

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A trip to Timparossa Hut

Timparossa Hut is set on the northern flank of Mount Etna. It is a magic place attracting every year trekkers, hikers and photographers. It is a part of the “hut itineraries” of this volcano but its particular characteristic is the beech forest all around. In autumn it turns red, thus giving the name to the […]

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The red leaves of Etna, what a show!

In autumn, many plants lose their green colour to take on very lively tones, such as golden yellow, red, even orange. This phenomenon is due to the process of  the leaves that die off while waiting for spring. The yellow and orange colours, typical of most plants, are due to the decrease in chlorophyll which […]

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