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Doscovering Maletto and Mt Etna’s western side

Maletto is small and lovely. Just like … a strawberry! In fact this is the town of strawberries, the best in Italy! They cultivate them here on the rich and fertile soil of Mt Etna which gives the product a high and protected quality. Maletto was named after the noble man who founded it, back […]

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Ten places to see in springtime, in Sicily

Sicily is the island of the sun. Many tourists love it as a summer holiday place. The temperatures of that season are similar to the North African ones, which is positive. In autumn it is too rainy and in winter not many people like it. But everyone should come and visit Sicily in springtime, to […]

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Quarantined? No problem. Find out the beauties of a virtual Sicily

Easter Monday in Italy is a day devoted to walk in the nature, trips and pic nics. Not long ago we gave you advice on where to spend Easter Monday, if you are on Mt Etna in this period. Unfortunately today we know that it is impossible to realize these excursions. Due to the serious […]

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