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Etna update - 01. April 2012 - Eruption

update April 01, 2012

Every 14 days again …

In the early morning hours of 1 April 2012, there was a new episode of lava fountaining from the “new South-East Crater” (New CSE) of Mount Etna, this year now in its fifth times. Also this time it came to high lava fountains, several milesfrom a high column

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Etna update - 18. March 2012 - Eruption

update 18 March 2012


This morning at 05.00 clock it started again and after three hours all was over.

After two weeks of relative calm Mount Etna erupted again and again, there was lava fountains at the new-south-east crater. In the early hours of 03/18/2012 has started is the 22 Eruption (since January 2011)

As with the foregoing, there was a high lava fountains and several kilometer-high column of smoke with a deposit of ash and small stones (this time was not affected by the airport of Catania), and flowed a river of molten lava in the direction of “Valle del Bove”. (more…)

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Etna update – 4 March 2012 – eruption

update 4 March 2012

The third eruption with lava fountains from the “NEW SOUTH-EAST CRATER” this year – the 21st In the current eruptive phase, which began in January 2011,

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Etna update - 8 February 2012 - eruption

Update February 8, 2012 / 23:00

Already on 06.02.2012 it rumbled back inside the “new South-East Crater” with small fountains and some ash.

On 08 FEBRUARY, against 19:30 clock could be recognized by recording an increase of tremor.

Later, around 21.30 local time clock, you could see the lava fountains on the first thermal imaging records of the INGV (Italian Institute of Geology and Volcanology) get (more…)

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Etna update - 05 January 2012 - Eruption

January  2012 – update 05.01.2012



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