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The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily

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Sicily is one of the most popular destinations for the Italian summer. Because of its beautiful beaches, the island is haunted by many VIPs and is an ideal holiday region.

Four beaches have just been awarded with the “Blue Flag” by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for their cleanliness of seawater. Among them, the beaches of Lipari and Vulcano, Ispica Santa Maria del Focallo, Marina di Ragusa and the beach of Sciacca in the province of Agrigento.

But there are also many other popular destinations. First of all, Marina di Ragusa, which is one of the most famous beach resorts in eastern Sicily and is particularly noted for its fine golden sand beaches.


Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2015/04/24 Updated: 2018/01/15

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Etna Eruption 02.02.2015

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Last night the Etna offered a very special show again. In the morning of 31th January 2015 you could already state the beginning of a new eruptive episode. The volcanic eruption lasted until the morning of 2nd February. At the beginning the view was limited due to the weather conditions, too many clouds.


Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2015/02/02 Updated: 2017/03/15

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New Eruption: Etna wakes up

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December 29, 2014 at 17:45 a new eruption from Etna, the Southeast crater of produced fountains and lava flows and an eruption column that was pushed by strong winds to the east, leading to relapse of ash and lapilli in the inhabited Milo, Fornazzo, S. Alfio and Giarre.

The activity is concentrated in the area of the summit craters at an altitude of 2900 m, the presence of low clouds and fog did not allow to identify with certainty the source of the eruption.


Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2014/12/29 Updated: 2017/03/15

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Etna eruption: continuing activities - July 2014

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Continues the effusive activity of the two new twin cones.
Eruptive activity continues unabated on the top of Mount Etna, in the central-south of the volcano, where about 30 days ago have formed two small cones with effusive activity from lava, explosions, explosions and so very active. The two cones, being positioned at a distance of a few tens of meters apart, were called “Gemini”, and several weeks are closely monitored by local authorities.


Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2014/07/25 Updated: 2017/03/15

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Etna update - 12 April 2014 - Eruption

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In the afternoon of the 12th April 2012, it came at the New Southeast Crater of Mount Etna once an outbreak, the 24th since the start of the eruptive phase, in January 2011 and the 6th in the current year. The event was after a interval of 10 days of relative calm and was like in almost all important features such as fountains, intense emission of ash and small Lavastones, and lava flowed toward the Valle del Bove, the previous one.

Already after 3 hours it was all over.

Foto Rosa Testa

More eruptions – Etna Activity 2012


Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2014/03/12 Updated: 2017/03/15

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