Etna – World Natural Heritage since 2013

The imposing volcano rises like a queen over the roofs of Catania and is the most famous symbol of Sicily. The special geodynamic position of Etna between the edges of the Eurasian and African plates, which constantly collide with one another and expand the earth’s crust – which in turn leads to cracks – enables the lava to escape regularly. It has destroyed villages and towns several times in history. Nowadays, modern measuring devices can determine when an outbreak will occur.

The volcano is also known for its extraordinarily fertile soil, which caused many Sicilians to settle on the slopes up to 1000 m despite the risk. Pistachios, apples, wine, citrus, honey and mushrooms are among the products that Etna has to offer. One of the most fascinating aspects of Etna is the variation in nature and the diversity in flora and fauna. Pine and birch forests are home to foxes and weasels. The higher you go up the mountain the more, the area is reminiscent of a lunar landscape.

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Discover the most active volcano in Europe with our daily excursions on Mount Etna. Choose between the best Mount Etna tours for families with kids like the Mount Etna Jeep Tour including a hike on the craters and a lava cave visit or the exciting excursions with the Mount Etna cable car to explore the active main craters.


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