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Sicily, six ideas for your winter holiday

Sicily, the real summer paradise! A pearl of beauty, sun and sea. But because of this idea, in the summer it is too crowded. Walking among so many sweaty people in the heat is not nice and the visit to a monument can become a bad adventure. Besides, Sicily in the summer is also very […]

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The most beautiful lava shores in Sicily

Beaches are charming, all of them, all the time. Not just because they make us imagine summer, warm days, holidays, but also because they remind us of the hard work nature has been doing – during the centuries – to give us such a precious present. And if beaches mean all that, beaches made of […]

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Autumn tradition’s sweet recipes of Mt Etna

Mount Etna is a small universe apart, which produces animal and plant life and which changes almost completely each season. Its fertile soil allows the growth of numerous delicacies such as mushrooms, chestnuts, pistachios, citrus fruits and the inevitable prickly pears. The best time to enjoy these products is autumn. Between October and January, in […]

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