How to visit Mount Etna?


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How to visit Mount Etna?

How to visit Etna?Mount Etna has become an almost obligatory tourist stop among the various historical and cultural attractions in Sicily. The mountain offers many different possibilities as there are numerous agencies that offer activities on the volcano: from tour operators with their all-inclusive packages to local agencies where you can book on time. It is also possible to visit Mount Etna independently, but the advantages of a guided excursion are very numerous.

Go-Etna offers organized excursions with professional guides in language. The paths studied by the Go-Etna team will allow you to explore the wonders of Etna, its lava caves, its volcanic craters discovering the mysteries and the curiosities of the highest active volcano in Europe.

Mount Etna Excursions

The recommended clothing to visit the Etna

The recommended clothing to visit the Etna varies according to the season. In the winter months, from December to March, heavy clothing is recommended, with jackets, gloves, hats and scarves. During the summer or spring season you can opt for comfortable sportswear, trousers and knitwear. Better always bring a jacket and sneakers.

Etna has an average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. July is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, while in January and winter months temperatures can drop below freezing.


Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2018/01/13 Updated: 2018/01/13

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