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Discovering the Chiancone of Praiola

Halfway between Acireale and Taormina, in the municipal area of ??Giarre, there is a very special beach: Praiola. The beach is very small and narrow, even uncomfortable, as it is formed by large round stones and in continuous movement due to the frequent sea storms. But people love to bathe here, despite the difficulties, and […]

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Torre del Filosofo and the Laghetto Crater

A continuously changing landscape, Mount Etna has erased many places in time and others -that are still visible today- maybe tomorrow won’t be there anymore. The lava eruptions and the ashes change the top territory all the time and make these places a mix of geography, history and myth. We shall lead you to the […]

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Mt Etna, new eruption from Voragine and North East craters

For two weeks now, the lucky inhabitants of the western side of Mt Etna are watching  the new eruption from the crater Voragine. It is one – and the most active – of the two huge holes inside the former Central Crater and the eruption started from a small  fracture. The lava fountains have become […]

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