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Etna and the eruption that touched Randazzo

Randazzo is one of the most fascinating  towns around Mt Etna. Even today it shows tourists its own precious historical and artistic heritage dating back to the year 1000, when it became a colony of fleeing populations who brought their culture here. Nowadays the town is divided into quarters – the Greek quarter, the Latin […]

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Linguaglossa, the “north gate” to Mount Etna

The name will make you smile. It sounds like a cartoon character with a long, thick tongue, but behind this name there is a whole story – and a cultural background – of a small town that is very important for the economy of the Catania district area. Linguaglossa, in fact, is the “north gate” […]

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Grotta del Gelo, a perennial glacier in the volcano’s womb

In the municipality of Randazzo, on the northern slope of Mount Etna, one of the most anomalous and intriguing phenomena in the world rises: a perennial glacier, located in the womb of an active volcano. The southernmost perennial glacier in Europe. It is the Grotta del Gelo (Grotto of Ice) , a long gallery derived […]

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