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Villa Romana del Casale – World Heritage Site since 1997

Villa Romana del Casale In Piazza Armerina is a very well-preserved Roman villa, which was built around 300 AD. The “Villa Romana del Casale” is decorated with extraordinary mosaics such as the well-known mosaic of the “bikini girls”. The late Roman villa in the Contrada Casale at the foot of Monte Mangone was built in III. – IVth century BC and is an outstanding example of a Roman luxury villa.


The Villa del Casale is located five kilometers southwest of Piazza Armerina on a slope of Monte Mangone. It stands on an area of ??approximately 1.5 hectares. The floors of the building are decorated with mosaics made of colored tesserae, on approx. 3,500 m². No other estate in the Roman Empire has such a large area of ??mosaics. These works of art were created on the basis of various model albums (template books). You can see the differences in the style of the decorations, including those influenced by North African artists.

The mosaics were buried by landslides in the 12th century. At that time, most of the ceilings and walls collapsed. However, the floors and a few walls were preserved. Nowadays, the mosaics of the floors are only protected from light by a Roman-style roof and the visitors have the opportunity to admire the mosaics on jetties and carpets.

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