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In Taormina, taste your granita at Isola Bella

If you already love Taormina, the beautiful medieval “queen of the Ionian Sea”, you might forget it for a moment when you will see her little daughter, Isola Bella. This “Beautiful Island” will charm you as soon as you will admire it from the highway or from the view points, up on Taormina’s hill. You […]

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Mt Etna, a new eruption starts on July 19

UPDATE FROM INSTITUTE OF VOLCANOLOGY– The eruption has ended on July 21st A new eruption has just started on Mt.Etna. By the dawn of July 18th, the great Sicilian volcano had begun to show signs of nervousness. The volcano, which however had not been quiet for some time, had manifested the first flashes due to […]

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What is a “Trunzu di Aci” and why you should taste it

When the people of Catania want to needle and bother the inhabitants of the nearby baroque town of Acireale, with whom they have always been in a rivalry, they say tyey are “teste di trunzu” (cabbage heads). That indicates their stubbornness, their being hard-headed like the trunzu cabbage that grows on their territory. Besides the […]

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