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Valle del Bove, a natural basin against eruptions

The place we now call the Valle del Bove (the valley of the ox) is actually the still visible testimony of a huge geological tragedy that occurred about 10,000 years ago. At that time Etna was a much higher volcano than now, conical in shape, that at a certain point exploded, halving its size and […]

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Noto’s “Infiorata” : a celebration of senses

Book your Sicilian holiday in May and we will take you to discover one of the most beautiful  traditions of our island: the Infiorata – “flower drawing” – of Noto. Surely you will have heard of it, but seeing it and experiencing it is something unique. An almost total sensory experience, because it involves eyes […]

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The Sicilian Puppets Theatre, Art of Storytelling

When newspapers and television did not exist and when schools and books were the privilege of a few people only, history was told  by “storytellers”. These artists told by singing facts and events that occurred over time, along with the heroic deeds of knights and kings. Sometimes they were accompanied by puppets or actors, other […]

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