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Sicily – land of orange diversity

Sicily – land of orange diversity The origin of the orange, the most common fruit in the world, is located in China and it was probably introduced to Europe in the 15th century. Nowadays, apart from Spain, also Sicily is famous for the vitamin-rich citrus fruit. Especially in the area of Mount Etna the oranges […]

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Magma versus Lava – The difference

Did you know that .. Lava is not the same as magma. We often use the terms interchangeably. In fact, there is a differentiation. The red-hot magma masses are located under the earth’s crust. Inside of Mount Etna there are 3 magma chambers. The largest of the three is 30 km in the deep, the […]

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Etna Activity in progress 18/05/2016 – Live Updates

Yesterday, there was stated an infrasound signal in the North East crater and an increase of the volcanic tremor amplitude. You were able to see some ash emission and intense degassing coming from the carter. In the zone of the so called Grotta del Gelo you could also hear explosion sounds. Today …To be continued. […]

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Sicilian olive oil extravergine – the green gold of the Mediterranean island

… like spring in your nose … A mixture of freshly cut grass, crispy artichokes and aromatic herbs jumps right towards you. The oil of Mount Etna olives is considered as valuable as gold in Sicily. Its intense aroma and taste make it an essential ingredient for the locals, that cannot be lacking in their […]

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Activity in progress at the Central crater of Etna 02/12/2015

Over the last few weeks weeks, the strombolian activity inside the Voragine crater, one of the four summit craters of Etna, lasted without relevant changes. The activity became noticeable by its intense explosions and changeable frequency, with larger red-hot lava ejections, sometimes accompanied by minor amounts of volcanic ash, in some cases, the chunks have […]

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