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On the morning of May 29th, a new element changes the scenario of the eruption that began last May 12 at the north base of the South East Crater of Mt Etna.

A new fracture opened a few meters below the previous two already active.

As can be seen from the photo by SALVATORE CAFFO, the fracture seems to be located in the Valle del Leone and therefore further away than the initial mouths of the eruption. Here is how the INGV of Catania explains the new event, through the press release that we report:

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Etnean Observatory, announces that at 06:05am an effusive vent opened in the upper part of the Valle del Bove. The altitude of the lava emission point is about 2800 m above the sea level.

The amplitude of the tremor, after a rapid decrease observed in the afternoon of day 28, oscillates on medium-high values. The localization of the springs is in the South East crater area at a depth of about 3000 meters. The infrasonic activity is low and localized in the area of ??the Bocca Nuova crater.

The ground deformation signals recorded by the permanent GNSS and tilt monitoring networks in the last few hours do not show significant changes.

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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