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The eruption that began at dawn on 23 October 2021 ended around 11 am with further spectacular changes on top of  Mount Etna. Below are parts of the report released by volcanologists regarding the episode:

A sequence of very strong explosions took place, which generated visible pressure waves,  followed by the resumption of ash emission. The activity intensified very quickly, producing an eruptive column (PHOTO BY GINA DISTEFANO) several kilometers high and bent by the wind towards east-northeast.

At 08:48 UTC, a pyroclastic flow broke off from the eastern flank of the cone of the Southeast Crater, which poured into the western wall of the Valle del Bove, stopping after traveling just under 1.5 km. A second pyroclastic flow traveled 1.5 km at 09:00 UTC. Subsequently several smaller flows were observed, always under the eastern flank of the Southeast Crater. These flows were generated during the opening of a fracture in the south-eastern flank of the cone, from the lower part of which a lava flow originated, also directed towards the western side of the Valle del Bove.

At 09:58 UTC, a further pyroclastic flow spilled in two branches to the southeast and south, stopping after a few hundred meters. The cone of the Southeast Crater underwent significant morphological changes during this paroxysm. While the summit seems to have grown further in height, the south-eastern flank is now cut by the deep niche from which the pyroclastic flows and the lava flow originated. (from the INGV VULCANI website)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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