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The eruption that everyone had been waiting for for two days finally started on the afternoon of November 12th. After a morning of intense degassing and a drastic increase in volcanic tremor, Mount Etna gave signs of maximum agitation starting from 3 pm. Two hours later the new paroxysm began which is still ongoing in these hours and which we will also follow in the next few days, if it lasts.

New eruption in 2023

eruption of Nov 12
the eruption seen from Acireale

Year 2023 was a “poor” year for volcanic events, but the few eruptions were also very intense and surprising. The spring paroxysm under the clouds surprised everyone, the August eruption caught everyone off guard – without any instrumental warning! – and on the afternoon of November 12th here is the third event of the year.

This time the eruption was well awaited and announced. It was just a matter – as volcanologists say – of understanding what and how the volcano would decide to do. The situation finally resolved itself between 3pm and 5pm, taking on maximum power in the late evening when the dark sky favored the lava show.

How the paroxysm will evolve

In addition to the rain of fiery lapilli, the lava fountains and the inevitable ash (falling on the coastal towns between Acireale and Giarre), Mount Etna produced several hours of loud booms and tremors. The eruption began to calm down after 7pm… but it is not yet known whether it will gain a new boost during the night or not.

Volcanologists are already working to follow the evolution of the event step by step. The tourists, who began to descend from the paths of Etna in the afternoon, went back up or stopped at the panoramic points to enjoy the show. And locals are already thinking about the practical, and not always cheerful, aspects of an eruption. But certainly the show is undisputed… and perhaps some hope that it will last a little longer. Maybe until the storm clouds circling over the volcano move, also making it clear if and where a new lava stream has occurred.


The eruptive power has diminished its intensity in the last hour, which could mean the eruption shall come to an end soon

(LIVE photos by Grazia Musumeci)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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