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Mt Etna, new eruption from Voragine and North East craters

For two weeks now, the lucky inhabitants of the western side of Mt Etna are watching  the new eruption from the crater Voragine. It is one – and the most active – of the two huge holes inside the former Central Crater and the eruption started from a small  fracture. The lava fountains have become […]

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Etna North, discovering the “perfect eruption”

Mount Etna is a surprising volcano. This is the reason why it is privilege and fun to explore it and you should never miss the chance. We will take you to discover places, events and incredible evidences telling about a “living” mountain that changes everyday and offers unique shows. The eruption that broke part of […]

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Mt Etna, the eruption of July 27 is over

(photo above: Grazia Musumeci – photo in the article by Massimo Tamajo Fotografo Naturalista) The spectacular eruption that resulted from the nth fracture of the New South East Crater lasted less than 24 hours. In addition to the continuous emissions of gas and ash, a copious river of lava started from the new vent, which […]

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