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Mount Etna is certainly the ideal place to spend a splendid Sicilian spring. Our great volcano, especially during Easter week, becomes a source of itineraries rich in colours and scents, as well as flavours. If you’re lucky you might even witness some “spring” eruptions… but in the absence of volcanic spectacle, any excursion to Etna becomes an excellent substitute. For this Easter 2023, however, we want to suggest three different ideas. Three places far from Etna from where, however, you can admire the view of the volcano in all its entirety. Follow us and get ready to go!


Argimusco plateau, Etna among the megaliths

At 1200 meters above sea level, nestled between the mountains Nebrodi, Peloritani and Etna, rises the Argimusco plateau. An esplanade of green (the name means, in ancient Greek, “moss that shines”) dotted with incredible rocks, eroded by wind and rain into fascinating shapes. Many studies have been conducted on this area but no human traces have emerged. It is, therefore, an environment that has always been wild, still today home to spectacular birds of prey.

During clear spring days, from Argimusco you can admire all of Etna and the gaze extends, from the opposite side, to the Aeolian Islands! The idea we suggest is to stay in the neighbouring municipalities, Montalbano Elicona and Roccella Valdemone, spending Easter day here amidst ancient traditions and excellent tastings. On Easter Monday, however, you can reach the megalithic rocks of Argimusco and enjoy the most original view of Sicily.

The panorama from Fondachelli FantinaEASTER 3 IDEAS 3

Fondachelli Fantina is a very young municipality, until 1950 a hamlet of Novara di Sicilia. It is located at the center of splendid itineraries, suitable for spring, which lead to delightful medieval villages amidst snow-capped peaks and woods. Fondachelli Fantina is one of the most panoramic towns on the Peloritani ridge, a few kilometers from Sella Mandrazzi and Rocca Novara peaks. The isolation due to the mountains has meant that the medieval Gallic-Norman language and traditions have been preserved here until today. Mount Etna is a delicate triangle on the horizon, which takes fantastic colours at dawn and dusk. To visit, in the surroundings, Novara di Sicilia, Castroreale and again Montalbano Elicona.

Etna seen from Enna

Easter time in Enna is a deeply felt celebration. Here it is still customary to accompany the statues of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Dead Christ with rows of hooded men, as a sign of mourning, and women who mimic the ancient funeral laments. The Easter rites are just one of the reasons for choosing Enna as your Easter destination.

The city, of medieval origins – even if it boasts much older roots – is rich in monuments. They are almost all located in the upper part of the city, where the Castle of Lombardia, the cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Tower of Frederick, the Papardura Rock Sanctuary, the Rocca di Cerere peak, Palace Chiaramonte are located. From some panoramic points, on clear days, you can see the very clear and beautiful outline of Etna which, from this side, always appears covered in snow, even in May.

If you also want to experience an Easter Monday picnic here, you can choose to go to nearby Lake Pergusa or go to visit the Byzantine Village located in the nearby Calascibetta area.

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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