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Mount Etna is the most fascinating volcano in Europe and also the highest, which allows it to be seen from different angles and locations. There are many “balconies over Etna”, located in villages or towns that surround the mountain, which offer spectacular views to visitors. In autumn in particular we could suggest the suggestion of the panoramas from the castle of Castiglione, or from the romantic square of Pedara. But if you want to go further afield… go to Enna.

Enna and the fog

Enna is one of the highest inhabited centers in Sicily and also the highest district capital in Italy, in terms of “metres above sea level”. Born from an ancient fort perched on the Erei mountains to allow the defense of the court, it developed along the sides of the mountain dividing itself into two areas, Enna Alta and Enna Bassa. The historical and most fascinating part is naturally Enna Alta (Upper Enna). Closed around the large castle known as “Lombardia”, it is a network of alleys dominated by stone buildings. Here and there you can find balconies and terraces overlooking the heart of Sicily. And also offering a view of Mount Etna. Fog is almost a constant in Enna. The inhabitants call it “fellow citizen” and refer to it as if it were a person!

Enna and Etna

Only one letter separates Enna from Etna, just replace the “n” with the “t” to create a playful exchange between the two. Yet they couldn’t be more different places. One, the sleepy medieval town perpetually immersed in high-altitude mists. The other, fiery mouth of fire which often creates the mists itself, with volcanic fumes and ash! They look at each other from afar, they observe each other. And sometimes this sort of magic arises… that the great triangle of Etna emerges from the fog like a ghost, creating unique suggestions. It is worth the visit Enna in autumn, especially on cloudy days. Not only for the famous “fog effect” but also because it is easier to explore its enchanted “old neighbourhoods”.

enna fog ETNA 2Other balconies over Etna in the Enna area

Discovering the medieval area of Enna is always a unique experience to have, especially in autumn. Don’t limit yourself to the city, however, but also venture into its territory. We particularly recommend Calascibetta, which is located exactly on the hill in front of Enna. Also worth the visit the Norman town of Nicosia, the elegant Piazza Armerina, or the castle of Sperlinga – another fascinating balcony overlooking the volcano! Enjoy the view also from the village of Agira, which overlooks the plain below where Lake Pozzillo lies. Mount Etna is the cone that dominates the horizon… often white with snow… or just veiled by the pink mists of the sunset.

How to discover Enna

Trust those who have experience of both Etna and the best places from which to admire the volcano’s view. Thanks to our expert guides, who will pick you up at the hotel or at home, you can experience an interesting half-day trip discovering the medieval treasures of the Enna area… . And discovering new panoramic points from which observe, enchanted, the mass of our volcano. Especially if you are lucky enough to witness an eruption live. (PHOTOS BY GRAZIA MUSUMECI)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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