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Do not be discouraged! There will always be good reasons for visiting Mount Etna, in Sicily. Even during this Covid 19 pandemics which forces us to stay at home for some time. It is hard to travel in this situation and only the very passionate and adventurous will try the chance, as soon as possible. Mount Etna is always a chance to seize, because you never know when it will start a new “show”. And when it does, it is always fantastic! Take the opportunity of the travel permissions, or business trips – which are allowed in Covid times too. Come and have even a short excursion on the most beautiful volcano in Europe. Here is five reasons to do it also in 2021.

Etna in 2021, you should come because …

You may not be allowed to go too far away from Europe. Forget Africa, the Pacific islands, the American cities and accept a much closer compromise. Mount Etna is one of them. Nature, adventure, interesting towns and cities to visit all included in a few kilometers on the Sicilian east coast.

etna 5 ragioni
eruption right now

There is a very interesting eruption right now. It started in 2019 and still goes on, taking everybody by surprise, volcanologists as well. Also the people living on Etna are surprised, they realized they did not know their volcano that well. This eruption could have interesting changes during 2021 … just come and see.

Tours on an active volcano are always trendy! By jeep-car, on foot, with snowshoes at your feet … no matter the season or the condition. It is a great emotion to climb an active volcano such as Mount Etna. Try the experience also in 2021, with a good local guide by your side so to listen to history and tales about these beautiful landscapes.

First of all, safety! Guides do know how to move, where to go and how to face tours in pandemics time. They already experienced it in summer 2020. Mountain hiking allows people to keep distances, even though they move as a group. The particular territory of a volcano such as Etna guarantees the safe distance and no danger of infection.

Surroundings. Maybe you do not like to go hiking or to climb mountains. No problem, then! Just come and visit Etna in 2021 anyway and you will also visit places such as Catania, Acireale, Aci Trezza, Taormina. And go discover new charming locations at Nicolosi, Bronte, Randazzo, Linguaglossa, Zafferana and much more.

A year for the mountains

The current year should be dedicated by right to the mountains. Because these environments are the healthiest and safest from the point of view of the Covid problem. The disease mainly affects the lungs, and irreparably damages the smog-affected lungs. In the mountains you can breathe pure, clean air, any respiratory disease – with a few exceptions only – finds relief.

Walking on the mountains, in addition to guaranteeing social distance, helps physical strength. And

etna reasons 2
safety and beauty

the healthy body develops antibodies more quickly and steadily, which is absolutely useful in these months. So when national health policy allows, do not waste time. Go to the mountains right away. And if you are lucky enough to be in Sicily, choose Etna once again. Not only as a volcano to admire, but as an interesting mountain to discover.

Etna in 2021, the absolute protagonist

For some strange reason, over the past year Etna has achieved global success. Thanks to the many documentaries that the lockdowns forced us to watch on TV, thanks to the desire to admire beautiful things, Etna was everywhere. The polls, already last summer, gave the Sicilian volcano as the number one holiday destination in Italy.

And what is even more surprising, Etna in 2021 was at the top of the travel desires of half of Europe and a large part of foreign tourists from all over the world. It is therefore not surprising that 2021 is preparing to be a year full of bookings. And Etna is there waiting, seraphic and mighty, feeding everyone’s curiosity with its continuous lava fountains. (photos by Grazia Musumeci)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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