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A volcano seems to be the most “popular” destination in the world, after the beach. Difficult mountain, rugged landscapes, it seems “planned” for tough ones, for people accustomed to fatigue … This is a volcano. And Mount Etna, with its 3000 meters and over asl, is the highest volcano in Europe and the meeting place for crowds of all kinds. Hikers, enthusiasts, families with children, bikers, tourists or just residents looking for a bit of cool air … . Etna is definitely for all of them. But it is also for the more demanding, richer people. For those eager to enjoy this mountain with all the benefits of luxury. We want to accompany you to discover four locations, with resorts, which – for each side of the mountain – can satisfy these VIP wishes. In August, it can be the ideal choice for a dream vacation like that.

Mount Etna and its wonders

A volcano more than 3,300 meters high is also a mountain, and as such Etna has characteristics that attract visitors of all kinds. And in every season. Skiers in winter, mushroom pickers in autumn, explorers in spring, foreign tourists in summer. And then there are the eruptions, which attract anyone at any time.

There are many special places that Etna offers to visitors and that a good guide can help you discover. Imagine … lava flow caves, expanses of ancient lavas, extinct craters, pine and oak woods, smoking craters and fractures, traditional villages and larger towns. Also, excellent food and wine products. Recently, the most beautiful estates in the area have been converted into luxury resorts, so to meet the expenses throughout the year. Experiencing them as tourists is a golden opportunity. In all senses.

Luxury resort on the east side of Etna

photo from monacidelleterrenere it

The east side of Mount Etna is the most loved by tourists, perhaps because it is the most lively and directly overlooking the sea. Here there are orchards and vineyards, farms and towns capable of satisfying the needs of foreigners. Those looking for a high quality holiday on the east side of Etna could focus on resorts such as Kèpos (in Santa Venerina) or Monaci delle Terre Nere (in Zafferana Etnea).

The first is a very large property which, well separated from the town by a stone fence, houses swimming pools, luxury apartments, private corners for total relaxation and a restaurant of the highest quality. Spectacular view of both the east coast and Mount Etna are granted! Monaci delle Terre Nere is an estate obtained from an ancient noble residence and from the land that completed it. Today it is a resort that also includes a farm, a spa, a beautiful swimming pool, luxury rooms and apartments. They also organize activities that include tours and tastings. All naturally immersed in the green of the citrus groves kissed by the Sicilian sun. The same sun which, from this elevated position, you will see rising every morning over the sea.

Other luxury stays

Another side of Etna much loved by tourists is the north one. Here, especially in winter, snow

Il Picciolo _ photo from charmingsicily com

lovers gather, but in the other seasons there is no shortage of visitors looking for other pleasures. We are in the wine area, here, the good Sicilian one, and you can taste some of the best qualities at Picciolo.

Il Picciolo (in Castiglione di Sicilia) was born as a “golf club” but has evolved over time becoming a luxury resort. It remains today one of the largest golf facilities in southern Italy, but has also added a hotel, conference center, spa center, swimming pool and indoor solarium. Of course, it also includes a gourmet restaurant.

Another luxury quality resort is Villa Neri which is located in Linguaglossa. We are still on the north side, but here you can already smell the scents of the west, of the wheat fields and pistachio. A border area that will appeal to many, the estate includes – in addition to the elegant building with the suites – also a gourmet restaurant, a saltwater swimming pool, spa and all comfort and services. All surrounded by the beauty of the property park and with the view of the summit craters of Etna so close that it seems you can touch them!

How to book, how to get there

These resorts are golden boxes ready to welcome visitors who want “much more” – and who can get it here. No matter which side you choose, luxury lives here too and will become a beautiful experience.

To book stays at these facilities just consult the appropriate pages on the web sites, you can do everything conveniently online. Directions for reaching them are also on the sites, in detail. But in general, the references are the Catania airport and the A18 Catania-Messina motorway. Exit at Acireale or Giarre (for the east side) and at Fiumefreddo or Giardini Naxos (for the north side). From there you then enter the Provincial Roads that lead to the resorts.

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