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Mt. Etna, the big eruption goes on

It seems like a big eruption the one that started at dawn on May 30th from the summit of volcano Etna.  A “surprise” for everyone, even for the volcanologists who by now expected anomalous or lateral eruptions. In fact, however, the volcano is “exploiting” some of the fractures that opened last December 24th to emit […]

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New eruption from Mt Etna on May 30th

After a long series of small signs and the new tremors recorded in the night, Mt Etna started a new eruption at dawn this morning, 30th May 2019. Unfortunately, due to the Sirocco clouds covering the top tourists and scientists were disappointed for missing the new “show”. Volcanologists must monitorate the event with the help […]

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Along Alcantara River

The Alcantara river is one of the most beautiful and unpredictable in Sicily. Beautiful for the shapes it takes, for the landscapes it crosses and characterizes. Unpredictable because it can remain dry for long periods and then suddenly fill up with water and overflow. It originates from the Nebrodi Range and goes to enter the […]

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