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If you are in Sicily during the summer months make an exception to the rule and choose the district of Siracusa, as your favorite destination. Not only for the now famous beauties that are absolutely worth the visit – the Greek ruins in Siracusa, the baroque of Noto and Palazzolo Acreide, the valley of the Ciane river, Marzamemi … – but also and above all for the spectacular festivals that take place in many towns in the area.

Flowers in Noto and Saints in Palazzolo

It all starts early in May, on day 10, with the solemn feast of Saints Alfio, Cirino and Filadelfo in Lentini. Immediately after, the Classical Performances of the Greek Comedies take place at the ancient theater of Siracusa. On the third Sunday of May the party in Noto lights up with the famous Infiorata, which decorates with an immense mosaic of flowers, petals and plants the baroque style of the beautiful Nicolaci Street.

On June 29th, in Palazzolo Acreide, St Paul is celebrated as the local patron saint. The event experiences two spectacular moments: the saint’s exit from the church, in the morning, between rains of coloured cards shot in the sky like fireworks and the evening procession, when the devotees share the “blessed bread” under the artistic forms of “cuddure” to the people around. In the same city, on August 10th, St Sebastian i salso celebrated, by taking the statue out to procession from another baroque basilica but with the same methods.

In Siracusa and Ferla

feste siracusaAt the beginning of July, the Archimedee Festivals take place in Siracusa. The event is dedicated to the genius of the local youth who express scientific, mathematical and computer skills in the fascinating setting of the island of Ortigia. Also in Ortigia and always in July – usually around mid-month – the prestigious Ortigia Film Festival takes place.

On 19th and 20th July, in the town of Ferla, the much loved saint is celebrated again: St Sebastian. Just before noon the “nudes” – the devotees who once went in procession without clothes on! – run to take the processional cart of the saint around the city streets until late at night. At sunset a change takes place: adult devotees give way to children who thus enter the history of the celebration by pulling their first cart by themselves.

The end of summer

In August, in Noto, an interesting film festival is held linked to the short film categories. For those who love the genre, the Noto International Film Festival is a must.
Also Avola, the capital of the Sicilian almond, gets busy in August and amazes tourists with different festivals: among the most beautiful, of course, the event dedicated to the Almond, the Swordfish Festival and the Med Cous Cous Fest.
The last Sunday of September closes the season, in Rosolini, when in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus the city organizes its own beautiful floral display.

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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