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It happens at around noon on  March 2nd, yet another surprise from Mount Etna.

A rapid rise in the tremor, the announcement live by the INGV and shortly thereafter the South East Crater was again the protagonist of a paroxysm – the eighth – once again of considerable power. Lava fountains pushed to great heights, while a plume of gas and ash rose above the Sicilian coast for miles.

Sandy fallout to the south

The winds pushed the volcanic material first towards Acireale, then suddenly to the south, with black sand falling on Mascalucia, Paternò, Misterbianco, Nicolosi and Catania. As always, the paroxysmal activity ended in two hours, without serious damage. Too bad for the clouds caused by the humid climate of these days that have covered Mount Etna, preventing many from seeing yet another great show!

By now the volcano’s rhythm seems to have stabilized at a paroxysm every 30-40 hours, although lately the time interval has lengthened. Although they cannot predict the duration of these phenomena over time, volcanologists are sure that Etna will offer many more. It is part of the “eruptive phase” in which the volcano has entered for a couple of years now and which will reserve many surprises. (photo Musumeci)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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