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After a week of fire and lava, explosions and violent tremors, Mount Etna hasn’t expressed anything for 48 hours.

A silence that amazes and leaves the many “fans” waiting with cell phones in hand, but it does not upset the INGV volcanologists that much. There is a break, perhaps even a long one. It could be weeks, maybe months. But the volcano can hardly be considered “quiet”.

These cyclical phases, which are repeated at well-defined periods, also give these long pauses but the paroxysms are always ready to resume, in a not too distant future. So let’s say that at the moment the eruption seems to have subsided but we don’t know how it can evolve in the next few days (or in the next 24 hours?).



A powerful paroxysm started from the South East Crater around 9 am on February 28, 2021, a few hours after the INGV announcement that the eruption had “subsided” for the moment.

But Etna always takes you by surprise and this time it really left everyone speechless. A huge cloud of slag, lapilli and ash has enveloped the eastern flank of the volcano causing heavy repercussions on the villages of Zafferana, Milo, Giarre, Mascali, Riposto.

The sky was totally dark like in a real storm. The eruptive phenomenon also this time had a short but intense duration, less than two hours.

(photo G. Musumeci)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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