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Mount Etna is such a special mountain that it is impossible not to tell about it. And today everything is told on social media, on video channels, on mobile phones. But if you have to describe something, and do it well, you have to use words before pictures. Etna deserves many words, many stories intertwined with photos or films. And that means books, or – staying in the modern era – it means “blog”. The word blog is a contraction of web-log and for about twenty years this has been the most creative way to write journalism and description on the internet. Etna has so many dedicated blogs. And how could it be otherwise?

Many types of Etna blogs


blog about ETNA (2)
photo from ETNATIVE

There are blogs and blogs. Our blog, this one you are reading right now, for example acts as a sounding board for the excursions of our talented guides. Many other tour operators use blogs to enrich the description of their offer.

Those who especially love winter sports on Etna, that is skiing along the slopes of Piano Provenzana or snowboarding on the most complex slopes and gullies of the volcano, will probably read the ETNASNOW.IT blog. On the other hand, those who love long walks, the slow discovery of paths and caves relying only on the strength of their legs may have consulted the ETNATIVE.COM page. This blog, among other things, has been able to create a synergy with other associations by opening a social group called Etnative and MeteoEtna. There are also blogs linked to cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts that will help you discover the thrill of exploring a volcano on two wheels (

However, there are other purely descriptive blogs. That is pages dedicated to amaze with images and words more than with targeted tourist offers. These are the pages of the stories and emotions made available to everyone on a daily basis.

Telling about Etna and emotions

To tell about Etna you don’t necessarily have to be a tourist guide or expert excursionist. The great volcano can be narrated in its many aspects: the social one, the historical one, the everyday one. There are those who do it with spectacular images – the historic site Etnawalk, for example, or Michele Mammino Active Nature – making colours and sounds of the volcano also their own voice.

There are those who seek the comparison between Etna of yesterday and Etna of today, making you

blog about ETNA (3)
photo from IL VULCANICO

discover the meaning of certain places. Paths, tombstones, statues you can meet along the way, or events that have left the sign are beautifully told. IL VULCANICO for example is really a precious page, in this sense, and a historical diary always to be consulted with curiosity and charm. The most authoritative voice, however, always remains that of the experts who know the volcano best… . In fact, INGV institute explains it to us with love and patience from the pages of

There is so much to say about Etna, and dozens of people who love to do it on social networks, on websites and on official pages. Dozens of blog and blogger names could still be made (Etnacria, MAV, I LOVE ETNA AND …,, It’s Just Etna In My Garden, Passioneetna, GioGiusaEtna …) and reading each of these pages is fun and interesting for those who are not lucky enough to live at the foot of the great mountain.

But the best way to get to know a volcano is to be part of the volcano itself, physically. So never give up on the opportunity to go on a real, hard, exciting hike.

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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