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If you find yourself in these summer days at the foot of the great volcano Mount Etna, surely you have already booked your place at the beach or your excursion at high altitude. The charm of this restless mountain is the main attraction of the territory of Eastern Sicily. Surely, going to explore its woods, craters, expanses of lava is worth the entire holiday. But when evening comes, beyond the bar with live music or the show in the square, what would you like to do? Because the Etna area offers many summer festivals, both religious and non religious.

The festivals of Etna

The cult of the festivity, in the villages on the slopes of Etna, is inextricably linked with faith and the religious spirit. Although many rituals and dates derive from pagan customs, from the Greek or Roman era, they have nevertheless been associated with a saint or sacred ritual. But recently many feasts have also been added that have nothing to do with the sacred. In the summer, wines, desserts, ice creams, local products are celebrated and in a big way. Sometimes these “secular” celebrations are however included in a religious program, linked to the “patron saint” on duty. But they are in fact open to anyone.

The most beautiful festivals around Etna

There are hundreds of events and all very interesting, in the villages and cities around Mount Etna. The best thing to do would be to experience them all, but it is impossible. We therefore suggest some of the most famous festivals in the area, and the dates on which you can admire them.


st mary church, Randazzo

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL IN MALETTO – you have to be on the western side of Etna between May and June to be able to taste one of the most delicious gastronomic treasures: the typical strawberries of Maletto. This event announces the arrival of summer and does it in a “tasty” way!

U PISCI A MMARI – This festival, which takes place in Aci Trezza as part of the celebrations for St John Baptist, actually opens the Etna summer. The event takes place on the afternoon of June 24 and sees the local fishermen as protagonists. They stage, in the small port of the town, a fake swordfish fishing trip. The “fish” is played by a young man … and despite being caught and “shredded” … in the end he manages to escape and take revenge on the fishermen. How does he do that? Well, you can only go and see yourself!

MILO FESTIVALS – there are many events offered by the village of Milo, a refuge for artists such as Franco Battiato and Lucio Dalla. Between July and August, in the village overlooking the majestic craters of Etna you can experience the “Beer and Pizza Festival”. But there is also an excellent “Jazz Festival” taking place in the square, in the cool and in front of the panorama of the illuminated coast. At the end of August, however, do not miss the “Vini Milo”, a wine-tasting festival associated with the September grape harvests.

PEDARA FAIR – also in the month of July, in the town of Pedara on the southern side of Etna a large fair takes place. It showcases products of all kinds. Much space is given to handicrafts, but you can also admire many kinds of goods and souvenirs put on the market.

FEAST OF ST STEFANO IN ACI BONACCORSI – on the east side, at the beginning of August, the patron saint of the municipality of Aci Bonaccorsi is celebrated together with a “very secular” and amazing fireworks festival. The competition is open to masters of that art from all over the world and has a very lively participation of several fireworks companies every year.

FESTA DELL’ASSUNTA IN RANDAZZO – on 15th August the town of Randazzo, on the north side of the volcano, celebrates its patron, the Madonna Assunta in Cielo. During the procession, a gigantic column – 20 meters high! – richly decorated. The column also houses some real figures, next to the statuettes, who sing hymns to the Madonna between the wings of a crowd in celebration.

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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