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The Aeolian Islands in the winter are a tourist attraction for a few people. Not many tourists love summer paradises as they lose the sun and the crowds, going back to a “human scale” life. Some places, though, keep their magic. Aeolian Islands, for example. Will you ever come and live over here between November and March? Someone did, and fell in love with these islands.

Aeolian Islands in the winter, how they change

Lipari and Panarea are two very famous tourist islands. Lipari is the largest, there are many things to do and see. Panarea is the capital of crazy entertainments. Try to visit them in the winter. Lipari is still a magic place. You will find out about its most secret corners, while locals will be kinder and nicer to you. You will love having a warm coffee at one of the cafes at Marina Corta, just you and a few others.

Panarea will appear sad and empty, at first sight. But take the chance to explore its alleys, its beaches, with a quiet walk, taking your time. And breathe! Breathe that sea smell you can never experience in the crowded summer days … this is how you will fall in love with this land.

Stromboli, place with no time

Stromboli has no real tourist season. Every month is a tourist season in the island where the volcano is the best show! Come see it in the winter, sometimes snow covers its top. It will last just a few hours before melting, but it is an exciting thing to experience. In this season local fishermen go back to their job and they will help you understand the deepest soul of the island. And what a show to admire the sea storms from the village of Ginostra!

What to do at the Aeolian Islands in the winter

empty alleys

Vulcano’s hot muds are perfect if you dive into them when it’s cold outside. The contrast between the winter air and the relief of the spa will give you a well-being never experienced before. Thanks to the less sultry temperatures, you can also climb the crater without too much effort.

Hiking is also ideal in Salina in the winter. In particular, it is fascinating to discover the valley between the two extinct craters that form its silhouette. Being a fairly inhabited island, in winter there are lots of parish and municipal initiatives, such as festivals, recitals and small events related to Christmas.

On the other hand, those who have the soul of a hermit will prefer Alicudi and Filicudi in the winter more than ever. Wild, isolated, depopulated, they are the ideal places to meditate, relax and spend a winter full of intense scents. A suggestion? Go to the discovery of the archaeological sites that nobody else knows!

Aeolian Islands, in the winter with patience

The Aeolian Islands in the winter are beautiful, but only those who go with a lot of patience will appreciate them. Starting from the connections: the wind and rain storms are all factors that can make the hydrofoil races skip. Or they could keep you stuck on the islands when it’s time to go back home.

In the cold season, 50% of the tourist comforts are missing. So do not complain if the water does not arrive some days, if the pharmacy is not well stocked, if the morning newspaper arrives in the evening! Learn from who lives on these islands all year round. Adopt the fatalistic and tranquil philosophy of the Aeolians.

(photo over the title: Stromboli, by Pasquale Paolo Cardo – photo in the article by Grazia Musumeci)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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