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Taormina in autumn is one of the favourite tourist places, especially for people from North Europe. The nice, warm Sicilian weather allows you to swim in the sea, to stroll around, to have breakfast in the open air. And the stunning views from the top of this famous hill take the bright colours of these special days. Few people in the streets make your town walks lovely, and your trips and guided tours more relaxing and nice. If you are in Sicily, in this season, enjoy a stop at Taormina. There is so much to do and  visit! Here you are five ideas, from us. More will come from your own fantasy.

Taormina, swimming in November

Air gets colder in November, in Sicily as well, as anywhere. But here you can still enjoy a nice swimming in the sea. Not just another sea … Taormina’s! Which is wonderful! Choose one of the many local beaches (Giardini, Capo Taormina, Mazzarò, Isola Bella, Spisone… ) at the foot of the rocky cape where the town stands, and go swim! The Ionian Sea, as part of the larger Mediterranean, is still warm in this period. Enjoy the contrast between the chill air outside and the warm hug of water, into the sea. The best benefit for your body!

Taormina, stunning sunsets

There are two or three panoramic points in Taormina. Looking out of any of them means to enjoy the view of the coast down below, at your feet! We do suggest to choose the panoramic points of the Town Park, IX Aprile square and the terrace of Parking Porta Catania. In the short autumn afternoons, from there, you will admire incredible colours of sunsets. Mount Etna in the background, and Giardini Naxos city lights on the bay complete the picture! You could enjoy the same view from the Greek Theatre, but … you shall pay for it, there! From the panoramic points it is free.

Enjoying Isola Bella

Among the many beaches of Taormina, Isola Bella is the most fascinating. It could be said that this large mass of rocks covered by vegetation in front of the Mazzarò beach, is the Sicilian “Mont St Michel”! The islet is in fact connected to the beach by a strip of sand that appears or disappears depending on the sea tides. In summer, Isola Bella is besieged by thousands of tourists and bathers. They flock to the beach (and paying for it!). In autumn, however, as the bathing facilities are dismantled, the beach becomes free again . The island is accessible to all, but up to a certain point (it houses a museum that has opening hours). Even just staying there, lying under the autumn sky, admiring the island from the beach has its own valid meaning.

taormina 5 things02
a town walk in quiet autumn evenings

Autumn shows and events

After the crazy summer life, Taormina stops for a moment to rest. Some businesses go on vacation, many shops close for a while. But already at the end of October they start living again and especially with cultural events. There are several associations that operate in the Taormina area and  organize literary, art, political discussion events . There are various interesting meetings, even in the less touristy seasons. Some of the best events can be found at this Facebook LINK.

Taormina, autumn excursions

Autumn is the best time to take the most beautiful traditional excursions in the Sicilian territory, without having to compete for reservations or long queues. Few people, more spaces, more opportunities for a few tourists. Here is what to do in Taormina. You can take advantage of these months, for example, to make excursions to Mt. Etna to discover the colours of the autumn leaves. Or go and visit Catania, Messina, Acireale, Bronte, Randazzo without the sultry heat of summer. If it does not rain, even the canyon of the Alcantara river will be an ideal destination for a lively autumn day in Sicily. (photos by G.Musumeci)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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