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Those who know us already know it, read it on our website. Whatever we do, we do it with passion, enthusiasm and competence. We do it for Sicily and we do it to enhance a unique heritage in the world. In the case of Go Etna we talk about artistic, historical and naturalistic beauties, in particular of our volcano Mount Etna. But this philosophy can fit all life experiences, such as work, moments with friends, sport.

Sport, indeed

The discipline that, exactly like us – with passion, enthusiasm and competence – enhances a unique heritage: young people. And it is also for this reason that Go Etna, from today on, goes alongside the Handball Club Mascalucia team, in A2 League. Or more than “alongside” we will be on their chest! We will be their main sponsor. An honor for us, but also a duty. Because the smart youngsters are the true heritage of our Sicily, as strong and beautiful as Mt. Etna. A good thing to preserve and to promote, always.

Handball Club Mascalucia

The club was founded in 2008 on the initiative of former local champion Dario Zappalà. A real challenge, considering that in Italy the sport par excellence is football, or alternatively volleyball, or cycling. Handball is considered a minor sport, but perhaps for this reason it suffers less public pressure and preserves those genuine characteristics of “fun”. Handball is instead very widespread in Europe, and promoting it in a very beautiful area like the Etna means also favouring sporty, cultural and touristic exchanges with many nations of our continent. And if the Mascalucia team will bring the name of Etna to Europe, and Europe to the feet of Etna, we cannot avoid catching the challenge too.

A winning combination, therefore, this one between Go Etna and this beautiful reality of the A2 League. And we do not say so only because we wish the Handball Club Mascalucia the best, or because we believe in their determination, but above all because together we will work for the same purpose: to bring up the name and the universe of Etna. Let the adventure continue, guys!

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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