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After a long series of small signs and the new tremors recorded in the night, Mt Etna started a new eruption at dawn this morning, 30th May 2019. Unfortunately, due to the Sirocco clouds covering the top tourists and scientists were disappointed for missing the new “show”. Volcanologists must monitorate the event with the help of the machines, since they cannot see it right now.

We know a short lava stream is coming out of the basis of South East Crater, and some explosions have been heard too. Small earthquakes had been recorded yesterday as well, but volcanologists say they are not connectd to this eruption.

From the photo by the catanese volcanologist, Dr. Boris Behncke, you can see the early moments of the new eruption before the clouds covered it all. The situation is checked by the second by the experts of INGV institute in Catania.

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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