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What is the best season in the year to visit Mt. Etna, with its villages and towns? What is the best season to do some open air sports over there? Every season is a good season to come and visit this great volcano, because Mt.Etna changes every month.

We can only suggest, after the new climate changes of recent years, to avoid the end of September and the month of October, if you want to go climbing. In this period, in fact, thunder storms and heavy rains are not unusual here, and sometimes they go on till November. In any case, autumn on Mt. Etna lasts for a long time and you could certainly postpone many experiences to December. Whatever the climate is, do not miss in October the lovely event of “Ottobrata” in Zafferana Etnea.

Mt Etna in the Winter

etna stagione miglioreWinter time on Mt Etna starts late, maybe in January, and is preceded by the colourful explosion of the woods that turn red, orange and gold. It is a magic moment that can only last one week, usually in November, so you must literally seize the day. Then, cold weather arrives, though the snow often comes after Christmas.

In the winter, you can ski on Mt. Etna thanks to the ski slopes of Piano Provenzana (North) and Rifugio Sapienza (South). You have also the possibility to go snowboarding and ice skating, the latter at the Ice Stadium in Nicolosi. If you decide to go walking in the snow, ask first a good guide to come with you. On a volcano as Mt Etna, snow might cover some dangerous rocks or hidden holes.

Mt Etna in the Spring

Spring time is the season we recommend for your holiday on Mt Etna. Besides the beauty of the countryside, full of colours and flowers, you can go walking and doing everything you like thanks to the nice weather and the windy days that keep clouds away. From trekking to mountain-biking to  donkey and horse riding you will enjoy the season which is also a good one for eating in the open air. Try the picnic areas of Ragabo, Rifugio Citelli or Silvestri Craters.

Many interesting events are organized in the Etnean towns: food markets, cultural meetings and the beautiful religious processions – we especially suggest to see St Alfio Day on May 10th. So if you are not in the mood of climbing you shall live nice experiences at the volcano’s foot anyway.

Summer Time on Mt Etna

Summer is the touristic time but also a period to live carefully, if you want to visit Mt Etna. The weather is fine, the temperatures are nice, in fact you may find cool breezes on top while at the foot of the mountain heat and moisture raise the thermometer to 35°C. But always ask the local guides for information before you go climbing.

You could meet vipers on Mt Etna, in the summer, and the sun could be dangerous at 3000 meters height. You better prefer going by jeep car and be ready to protect yourself if you have to walk: long trousers, mountain boots, hats, light scarves and sunscreen creams are very important.

Your advantage in the summer is that you have the chance to do many kinds of trips: climb the volcano in the afternoon in order to admire sunsets, sleep on the top at night so to enjoy the view of dawn the next morning. If there is an eruption, you shall see it from many different levels and points, without clouds covering the show.

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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