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We have often told you about the magic of Carnival in the Etna area and also about the culinary specialties of this season that you can easily taste in the towns around the volcano. Today we want to take advantage of the mild climate of this crazy winter and let you do a bit of “movement”. And why not combine the emotion of an excursion on Etna with some of the most famous carnivals in its territory? Follow us in this new adventure.

Two small itineraries created for you

We have thought of two small itineraries, easily feasible, connected to two of the most famous carnivals in the Etna area. Starting from the natural beauties of Mount Etna, we will let you explore evocative landscapes and locations, we will then take you for a delicious “eating break”. Finally we will let you unleash the most colorful party of the year, where they know how to do this party well! Our two itineraries take place on the east and south sides of Etna: from the Ilice of Carrinu to the Carnival of Acireale passing through Milo; from Silvestri craters to Misterbianco passing through Belpasso.

From the Ilice of Carrinu to Acireale

The way that leads to Ilice of Carrinu oak tree is located between Zafferana Etnea and Milo. You can easily reach the entrance by car and then continue along a path which, apparently, is very hard (you climb via a dry stream bed) but which in reality is suitable for any type of walker. The large Ilex oak, known here by the name of the man who owned this land plot (Carlino, or Carrinu), the Ilex of Carrinu is an enormous plant, one of the monumental trees of Etna. It appears to be more than 700 years old, 20 meters high with over 30 meters of crown diameter and almost 10 meters of trunk diameter at the stump.

After admiring the wonder of this tree, enjoying the colors of the clearing in which it stands, return to Milo and treat yourself to an excellent pastry at the little bar that overlooks the town square. With the panoramic view of the coast, and the bronze statues of music maestros Lucio Dalla and Franco Battiato to keep you company, we recommend you taste the famous “Chiacchiere”, a typical Carnival biscuit.

Now it’s time to go down to the valley. Evening is already arriving and the music of the party can be heard in the distance. The carnival that awaits you is that of Acireale. A historic carnival, very ancient, very beautiful, rightly considered “The most beautiful carnival in Sicily”. Here the protagonists are the mammoth papier-mâché floats that move with computerized movements and games of light that accompany each parade. Also accompanying them are the flower-decorated floats made up of over 15,000 flowers and plants.

itinerary carnival2From Silvestri to Misterbianco

The Silvestri craters – or hills – were formed in July 1892 along an eruptive fracture that gave rise to a small group of “buttonhole” eruptive cones. The eruption generated by this fracture lasted 173 days, emitting lava that flowed down the valley for approximately 8 km. What remains today are precisely some cones, now almost completely covered by vegetation and subject to erosion. The most famous and also the most touristy are the two summit ones, today called Silvestri Superiore and Silvestri Inferiore. Easily climbable (Silvestri Inferiore is also very suitable for families with children), they offer a stupendous panorama of the coast… even if from here, unfortunately, you won’t see the top of Etna. It is hidden by the Montagnola massif, which is also the point of arrival of the cableway!

Going down towards the valley, the stop for the Carnival tastings must absolutely be made in Belpasso. The town, home of famous nougats, enjoys an excellent name in the field of gastronomy and pastry making. Taste the “sfinci”, or the “minne di Sant’Agata”, or even the wonderful candied almonds. An explosion of energy that will prepare you for the carnival… that of Misterbianco.

The Misterbianco carnival slowly established itself on the scene in the 1980s, thanks to the skill of the master artists who created spectacular costumes. The “most beautiful carnival costumes in Sicily” parade through the streets of the well-known centre, also known for its numerous shops and hypermarkets. Being in Misterbianco during Carnival is like being in Rio… same festive atmosphere, same colors, same joy of living. (photos by G Musumeci)

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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