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Another eruptive episode !! Yesterday morning on 15 March !!
As last time, the eruption took place in the area of ??the former so-called “saddle” again, which lies between the south-east and the new south-east crater.

After the end of last eruption on March 1, light explosions were observed on the crater, which have become more intense in the last few days. Early in the morning of the 15th, a small lava flow could be seen on the southern slope. From 9:00 am, the volcano spit ashes, and the lava flow slowly expanded and continued to the south. In the afternoon at about 5:45 pm, the eruption reached its climax in intensity, but already in the evening everything ebbed away again. At 23:00 there was a new, but only very small lava flow again.

Lets see how it goes on…

UPDATE 17.03.2017

Mount Etna still active!
Latest updates from 17 March 2017

During the ongoing eruption, a phreatic-magmatic explosion on the Belvedere (western edge of the Valle del Bove) occurred yesterday on March 16 at about 2700m above sea level. The explosion occurred at the front of the lava flow. This happens when the lava comes into contact with the water of the melting snow. Due to the 1000-degree Celsius hot lava, steam is generated below the lava flow causing such explosions.
We’ll keep on observing the situation.

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