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Sicily is the island of the sun. Many tourists love it as a summer holiday place. The temperatures of that season are similar to the North African ones, which is positive. In autumn it is too rainy and in winter not many people like it. But everyone should come and visit Sicily in springtime, to live an original holiday.

Why come to Sicily in springtime? Because it is not that hot, there are less tourists and between March and May you will better  enjoy your visit to incredible places. No panic, no heat, no stress. So, do not be sad if you could not travel to Sicily this year. Springtime is waiting for you, next year too. Take note of these 10 places to admire in your next journey to Sicily.

Catania in springtime

Catania is always a beautiful place. The sea and the volcano do affect the local weather in a positive way, making it often cool and pleasant. In the summer, though, it can be very hot because of the lava rock used for its buildings. So you better choose springtime to visit its historical heart, its fairs and the incredible Fish Market.  Take your time for a long 3 km walk along Etnea Street.

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On the way you will admire: the Bellini Park, the Roman ruins of Stesicoro, University Square and Cathedral Square. Try also a visit to the Benedictine Monastery, in this season. It takes a while to visit all the beauties of this building. You better do it in a cooler season.

The centre of Palermo

The centre of Palermo is rich and vast. In order to admire it all you need to walk a lot, so in the spring it is more pleasant. Palermo is a city with many faces. It goes from an elegant avenue to a popular square, from food markets with every smell  to spectacular parks or beaches. In summer, the heat can accentuate the sense of suffocation in certain environments.

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In springtime, though, you can move from one place to another with less effort. The cathedral is absolutely worth the visit, as is the Palatine Chapel, the complex of the Church of the Admiral (or Martorana), the arab-style church San Giovanni degli Eremiti, the spectacular San Giuseppe dei Teatini. The markets such as Vucciria and Ballarò, in spring, are much more characteristic than in the top tourist season. And finally, how can you not admire the Favorita Park,  Mondello beach or the Mosaics of Monreale during the flower season?

Trapani in the spring

Trapani is a destination that many rediscover right in the springtime, thanks to the rituals of the Easter Mysteries. The city, full of eighteenth-century baroque buildings, can be easily admired but in the spring it offers unique colours and scents. From Trapani to Erice it is a short way. This medieval jewel should be appreciated when there is not too much crowd. In this season, the islands are also beautiful: those of the Stagnone near the salt flats, and the Egadi Islands – half an hour by hydrofoil from the city port.

Central Sicily

places to visit in springtime2The internal area of  Sicily, which is often shown in the films as an arid yellow desert between Enna, Caltanissetta and the province of Agrigento, is reborn in the springtime. After the rains of the cold season you walk through green fields, woods, blooms of all colours and water streams. A magic that will disappear in late June and therefore must be caught immediately as a chance. We recommend, in this period, to go to Santo Stefano Quisquina, Caltanissetta, Agira, Aidone, Butera.

Favare di Maletto

The word “favara” comes from Arabic and means “spring of fresh water”. Near Maletto, on the west side of Mt Etna, in springtime – and only then! – a series of small streams come  from the melting of the snow. They flow towards the valley forming small lakes, waterfalls and lagoons full of flowers. Being there, seeing this show, is a privilege that those who come in the summer will never be able to enjoy.

The Valley of the Temples

The largest archaeological park in the world is located in a dry area of Sicily. In summer, the high temperatures and above all the crowd of tourists, make the exploration of the Valley of the Temples really tiring. In spring, on the other hand, long walks through the millennial temples become a beautiful experience. Among the ancient columns and giant statues you can stop in the shade of olive and almond trees. Enjoy the scent of flowers that fill the valley in those months.

The Scala dei Turchi

Not far from Agrigento, here is another place to enjoy in the spring. The Scala dei Turchi (Turkish Stairway). The wonderful white cliff that overlooks an almost tropical sea, in summer is crowded by tourists and swimmers who prevent you to appreciate its splendour. If you want to take a great advantage, come and see it in April or early May.

Springtime at the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian islands are seven small pearls of nature and beauty. In the summer, crowds of tourists turn them into souvenir markets where only clubs and mundane events dominate. In spring, however, you can explore them in all their simple charm. The rugged cliffs of Stromboli, the green mountains of Salina, the warm sulphur mud of Vulcano, the monuments of Lipari and the silences of Filicudi …. in the springtime they are a show. And the costs are also lower.

The Ragusan Baroque

To admire the beautiful baroque of  Ragusa province you need to walk a lot. And almost always you have to walk uphill. No season is better than spring, to explore the centre of Ragusa Ibla, the churches of Scicli, the stairways and the baroque palaces of Modica. No season like spring will make the bell towers – from which you can enjoy breathtaking views-  unique. Or make precious the stone avenues places to visit in springtime33over which the gargoils overlook.

Noto in the spring

Noto blooms in springtime more than ever. And not only because nature is intertwined with an extraordinary baroque, literally embroidered in the local pink stone. Noto, in May, organizes the famous Infiorata. An entire street, via Nicolaci, is decorated with a carpet of flower petals and whole flowers so to form beautiful baroque images and symbols.

Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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