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Mount Etna replicates the show concluded just 48 hours earlier with noteworthy explosions.

It does so on June 19 with an incredible and unexpected outburst. The lava fountains start quietly around 8 pm and in a very short time they level up becoming very high explosions and
etna reply 19 june02pouring blazing boulders on the flanks of the South East cone for miles. Meanwhile, a copious column of ash rose on the sector between Acireale and Mascalucia, to the south-east.

Finally, just as quickly as it had begun, the eruptive phenomenon ended around 10 pm. What was particularly noticeable in this paroxysm were the gigantic bubbles of lava, which burst with violent explosions and with unprecedented power. The all too quick end of everything leaves a suspicion hovering. The volcano has not finished yet and could start “partying” again very very soon ………!

These are days to be seized, every moment is excellent for a hike at high altitude, up to the permitted safety zones, from which to admire the frequent eruptions.


Autore: Grazia Musumeci

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