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The entire Mediterranean area offers dishes with flavours that are particularly intense under the southern sun, and the island of Sicily is certainly no exception. On the contrary: Regarding the cuisine Sicilians tend to be perfectionists. Good food in pleasant companyone of the most important aspects of the culture. All over the island, this rule applies even if the dishes vary widely depending on the region.

Pasta con le Sarde
Pasta con le Sarde

The eastern side of Sicily is known for its excellent Pasta alla Norma, a pasta dish with fried aubergines in tomato sauce and delicious salted ricotta cheese.

Also a classic the pasta alle sarde, a dish with a unique flavour. A fine combination of sardines and aromatic sea fennel.


And the typical Sicilian “Fast Food”, the arancini, fried rice balls, with different fillings that will truly inspire your palate.

If you continue your journey westwards, the kitchen swaps into the Arabic world. Couscous in all kinds of variations can be found everywhere on the menus, highly recommended the couscous with fish stock.

Another typical specialty are the Panelle, fried chickpea flour slices, which are eaten preferably in bread by the Palermitani.

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