Spontaneous vegetation of Etna

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What a great show is the spontaneous vegetation of Etna!,  Usually everybody thinks about a volcano without vegetation instead is the same volcanic ash that creates a fertile environment for trees and plants and  also the right balance of the minerals present in it.


Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2018/07/13 Updated: 2018/07/13

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Magma versus Lava - The difference

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Did you know that .. Lava is not the same as magma. We often use the terms interchangeably. In fact, there is a differentiation.

The red-hot magma masses are located under the earth’s crust. Inside of Mount Etna there are 3 magma chambers. The largest of the three is 30 km in the deep, the middle about 10 km above the first and the smallest about 2 km below the highest point of the volcano. In this chamber, the magma accumulates in small holes in the rock.

Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2016/09/14 Updated: 2017/03/15

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Snow on Etna Volcano

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The first snow has fallen on Mount Etna. This year, earlier than usual, the summit shines in us bright white. This weekend winter has also started in Sicily. The volcano has its own special fascination now. Frozen water on a black background! And all of a sudden the “island where the lemons bloom” becomes a popular winter sports destination! From collecting chestnut and autumn markets with honey and liqueurs, it switched directly to a winter wonderland.


Author: Etna Excursions Posted on: 2015/11/05 Updated: 2017/03/15

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